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Survey says: Avoid these words on your dating profile

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TheBlaze’s Tracy Levinson joined “The Morning Blaze with Doc Thompson” to talk about what adjectives work on dating profiles and why it’s important to monitor your kids’ iPad time.

An online survey found that “trustworthy” and “happy” on your profile will hurt your chances when it comes to online dating. Another big no-no is the word “shy,” which is a turnoff for both men and women.

“Kris, take all of those off,” Doc Thompson advised Kris Cruz.

“You know all I have left? Hi,” Kris joked.

Tracy agreed that the word “happy” was trying too hard.

“Yeah, because women are like ‘That guy’s not cool. He probably wears like a onesie,'” she said.

Words that can increase your chances of getting matches are “humorous,” “intelligent,” “romantic” and “affectionate,” the survey found. “The Morning Blaze” crew speculated that “trust” and “trustworthy” are red flags because people are over-compensating for their real characteristics.

“I guess ‘honest,’ ‘trust’ and ‘trustworthy’ are like ‘Oh, he’s telling me that because he’s compensating, because he’s not or she’s not [trustworthy],” Doc said.

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