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That famous pile of garbage in the Pacific Ocean wasn’t real

Glenn Beck
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President Donald Trump is reportedly withdrawing the U.S. from the Paris climate agreement, and environmentalists are losing it. The Paris Agreement, which was signed by President Barack Obama last year, aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions worldwide.

Filling in for Glenn Beck, Doc Thompson talked about the evolution of climate change fads over the years as well as how progressives use fear for their agenda on Thursday’s “The Glenn Beck Radio Program.”

First the planet was cooling, then global warming was the issue, and now it’s all about climate change. Doc talked about examples of environmentalists’ fearmongering, including the mythical massive pile of garbage that is supposedly floating in the Pacific Ocean.

“Where is the proof?” Doc asked.

Based on one man’s report from a trip through the North Pacific, the “Pacific Garbage Patch” captured the public imagination and grew until it was said to be twice the size of Texas. But the concept of a giant pile of garbage floating in the Pacific Ocean was largely mythical; in reality, satellite imagery doesn’t show a massive clump of garbage in the ocean because the majority of the trash is actually made up of “microplastics” that aren’t even visible to the naked eye.

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