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The latest from Israel: History made as US recognizes Jerusalem

President Trump will make a big announcement this week regarding the capital and embassy location in Israel, CNN reports. (Win McNamee/Getty Images)

History made as U.S. recognizes Jerusalem

President Trump has just delivered a landmark speech destined to be a turning point in Middle East history, by officially declaring Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.


Palestinians mourn ‘Death of 2-State Solution’

While Israeli and Jewish leaders are celebrating President Trump’s bombshell decision to officially recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, the news has absolutely devastated the Palestinian world.


World stands shocked by Jerusalem recognition

Shockwaves from President’s Trump decision to officially recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital are being felt all over the world, yet Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is confident that in light of Trump’s promise to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, many more countries are sure to follow.


1.8 million Israelis under the poverty line

Shocking new statistics have just come in saying that nearly one-point-eight million Israelis were living in poverty last year.


Teaching our students a different lesson

Keren Halperin-Mufferi, Co-CEO of Shiur Acher [a different lesson] speaking at ILTV studio about the details of an amazing new style of teaching our youth that put pro's from the community in the classroom.


Poland investigates ‘Naked Tag’ in Death Camp

A disturbing video has surfaced in Poland, showing a group of men and women playing a game of naked tag in a small chamber, which was the gas chamber of the Stutthof Concentration Camp.


Israel says F-35 Jets are ready to fly

Last year Israel got its very first batch of F-35 Jets, advanced stealth fighters that are set to change the face of modern aerial warfare, after months of testing and training these planes are good for takeoff.


Your business can count on iCount

Meni Milstein, Co-Founder & CEO at iCount speaking at ILTV Studio about the new Israeli start up that is trying to change the way businesses are run.


Smart tubes for hospital patients

Even after patients undergo hospital treatment there’s still a very real risk of damage or even death from complications related to breathing tubes, feeding tubes and catheters, but now an Israeli startup has just created an incredible solution that could save countless lives.


Only the best for our children

Timi Berkovitch, Vice President at BFree speaking at ILTV Studio about the way BFree makes sure your infant-care products are as safe as can be.


Top 5 hotspots for animal lovers

Discover the top five parks that house thousands of species of incredible critters.


Hebrew word Of The Day: TZINOR | צינור= PIPELearn a New Hebrew word every day. Today’s word is "Tzinor" which means "Pipe."


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