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The latest from Israel: Israeli P.M. meets with Donald Trump on Iran


Israeli P.M. Meets With Donald Trump On Iran

Prime Minister Netanyahu is meeting with US President Donald Trump today. Netanyahu is laying out a detailed case against Iran to explain how the nation is trying to establish a military presence on Israel’s northern border.

Israeli P.M. To Speak At U.N.G.A. Tomorrow

Col. (ret.) Dr. Ephraim Kam, Senior Research Associate at INSS speaking at ILTV studio to take a closer look at Prime Minister Netanyahu’s U-N General Assembly speech.

Hamas To Dissolve Gaza Administration

Hamas has agreed to dissolve its administration in Gaza in order to create a Palestinian unity government with the Palestinian Authority’s Fatah party.

Iraqi V.P. Warns Against ‘2nd Israel’ In Kurdistan

Before the upcoming referendum to discuss the creating of a Kurdish nation in present-day Iraq, Vice President of Iraq is warning the world that his country will not tolerate the creation of what he is calling a so called “second Israel.”

Police And Ultra-Orthodox Clash In Jerusalem

Ultra-Orthodox Jews rioted and clashed with police in Jerusalem following the Israeli High Court ruling that a military exemption law for the ultra-orthodox was discriminatory and unconstitutional.

Culture Minister Uninvited From Israeli Oscars

Culture Minister Miri Regev was officially uninvited from attending this year’s Ophir Awards because she denounced the film "Foxtrot" as a defamation of the state of Israel.

China Invests $300 Million In Israeli Meat Tech

The Chinese government is making a $300 million investment in Israeli technology companies that are developing laboratory-grown meat.

Support Our Soldiers Ahead Of The Holidays

David Landau, Founder of Standing Together and Ari Fuld, Assistant Director of Standing Together; Israel Advocate speaking at ILTV studio about a non-profit organization 'Standing Together' that supports Israeli soldiers.

Prestigious Cycling Race To Start In Israel

Israel will be hosting another prestigious cycling race Giro D’Italia this year. Over 175 of the world's best cyclists will compete in the 2018 Giro D'Italia race.

Hebrew word Of The Day: SHEM | שם = NAME

Learn a new Hebrew word every day. Today’s word is "shem" which means "name"

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