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The latest news from Israel: 95-year-old 'Indiana Joan' steals ancient artifacts

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Assessing Israel’s new security situation

Israel’s top Security Officials are convening to assess the new threats mounting on Israel’s Northern border.


Palestinian reconciliation deal stalls

Hamas had agreed to sign over all control of Gaza to the Palestinian authority by December first.


300,000 people cannot legally marry in Israel

Adv. Irit Rosenblum, founder & CEO of New Family speaking at ILTV Studio about the 'New Family' organization that guides people towards Domestic Unions.


New Ultra-Orthodox protests break out

Fresh Ultra-Orthodox demonstrations have just erupted in Jerusalem protesting the arrest of eleven Haredi men who refused to report for their army service.


German T.V. Cancels Roger Waters concert

One of Germany’s largest public broadcasters has just canceled its sponsorship of waters’ upcoming concert citing his history of Anti-Semitic rhetoric.


I.D.F. To Train Veterans To Fight Israel’s P.R. War

Eyal Biram, Co-Founder of Israelis speaking at ILTV Studio about the new program that utilizes already traveling ex-soldiers in the fight against B.D.S.


Real-Life “Indiana Joan” under investigation

95-year-old Joan Howard allegedly stole ancient artifacts from Israel, Jordan, and Egypt.


Amazon Finally Headed For The Holy Land

Amazon is hunting for Real Estate in Israel and is finally set to open up sales for the first time in the Holy Land.


T.I.I.F. Rewards Israeli Innovation & Partnership

Adam Scott Bellos, CEO of the Israel Innovation Fund speaking at ILTV about the Israel Innovation Fund that connects and supports emerging Israeli Entrepreneurs.


Huge Limestone Cavern Found In Central Israel

An Israeli construction crew team accidentally found an unearthed a massive, gorgeous limestone cave, containing hundreds of perfectly-preserved Stalack-Tites.


More Fashion With Less Pollution

Israeli student creates online community of Eco-Friendly brands.


Hebrew word Of The Day: ME-ARAH | מְעָרָה = CAVE

Learn a New Hebrew word every day. Today’s word is "Me-Arah" which means "Cave."


The Weather Forecast

Tonight will be partly cloudy with a chance of local showers along the coast and a low of about fifty-six or thirteen degrees Celsius. Tomorrow is expected to be sunny-to-partly cloudy with little change in temperatures and a high of seventy-two or twenty-two degrees Celsius.

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