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The latest news from Israel: Lebanon's PM resigns, says his life is in danger

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Lebanon’s P.M. Resigns; Says Life Is In Danger

Lebanon’s Prime Minister Saad Hariri has just resigned from office. Hariri slammed both Hezbollah and Iran for spreading chaos and terror throughout the Middle East.


Iranians Burn U.S. & Israeli Effigies At Rally

Thousands of Iranians are marching to remember the 1979 takeover of former US embassy by renewing the protest by burning American flags and even Israeli symbols.


IDF Offers To Protect Druze Village In Syria

Nine civilians were just killed by Jihadis in a small Druze village inside Syria, only a few kilometers away from the Israeli-Syrian border. The I.D.F. has said it’s willing to defend the Syrian village from further attacks, after hundreds of Israeli Druze villagers attempted to jump the border to protect their Druze brethren.


Anniversary Of Rabin’s Murder Gets Massive Crowd

Thousands have just gathered in Tel Aviv to commemorate the 22nd year anniversary since the assassination of former Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. The mass rally was held at the site where Rabin war murdered those many years ago.


Is W.H. Aide Jared Kushner In The Doghouse?

President Trump is reportedly furious with his son-in-law Jared Kushner for his “bad advice,” which culminated in the ongoing probe between his campaign and Russia. Vanity Fair has just reported that Trump allegedly no longer trusts Kushner at all.


Changing The Game In Israeli Medicine

Dr. Ron Tomer, V.P. Unipharm LTD. speaking at ILTV studio about Unipharm LTD. that works with Israeli government to make healthcare more affordable.


Do Israelis Ever Clean Out Their Bags??

Uzbekistan has just released an Israeli man who had accidentally left a loaded weapons clip in his bag when he checked into the airport.


Get Through The Airport In 45 Minutes

Gadi Mor, CEO of Amadeus Israel speaking at ILTV studio about Israeli company Amadeus Israel that works to improve every aspect of the way we travel.


Jerusalem Scores First Win In Eurocup Campaign

After three straight losses, the Hapoel Jerusalem basketball team has just scored a much-needed victory in its Eurocup campaign by narrowly defeating Italy’s team 63 to 61. American-Israeli guard Jerome Dyson dominated the game, scoring 22 points.


Suddenly Angels / Intermezzo

Lela Migirov, artist ‘Suddenly Angels / Intermezzo' speaking at ILTV studio about her exhibition in which she channels the emotions of Franz Kafka's works into paintings.


Israeli Hippo Makes A Run For Freedom

A hippo from the Ramat Gan safari escaped the zoo when gatekeepers accidentally left a gate open. The hippo turned around just outside the gate.


Hebrew word Of The Day: HIPPOPOTAM | היפופוטם = HIPPOPOTAMUS

Learn a new Hebrew word every day. Today’s word is "Hippopotam" which means "hippopotamus"


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