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The mysterious origin of ‘covfefe’ is finally revealed

Pool / Getty Images

John Di Domenico’s version of President Donald Trump stopped by Thursday on “The Glenn Beck Radio Program” to explain what “covfefe” really means and to brag about his accomplishments as the singing, dancing leader of the free world.

“It is one of those words. It is so flexible, so malleable,” Di Domenico’s Trump explained. “You could use it any conceivable way. That’s the beauty of covfefe.”

Trump also wanted to clear up what’s going with his son-in-law Jared Kushner. “I’m not really sure what he does here at the White House,” he said.

He then detailed the origins of covfefe — yes, it came from the orb, he asserted.

“That orb takes you to another place and time,” he said.

The beauty of this “tremendous” word, covfefe, is that you can pronounce it any way you want to, Trump explained.

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