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TheBlaze hosts offer Friday the 13th safety tips

Glenn Beck
(David Livingston/Getty Images)

Glenn Beck, Pat Gray, Stu Burguiere and Jeff Fisher reflect on the spooky mystique that used to surround Friday the 13th. They observe that growing unrest in our nation has increased the American people's focus on serious issues and reduced our enthusiasm for silly holidays.

"Do you remember when Friday the 13th was, like, fun?" Glenn asks. "Now it's like, really? Every day is Friday the 13th."

Glenn and the guys offer some safety tips for the holiday weekend, in case listeners find themselves living in a horror movie.

"If you're in college, don't be with somebody who's just in their panties in the woods, because you're all dead. You'll all be dead. If you're in a cabin this weekend someplace in the woods, good luck!" Glenn laughs.

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