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‘They began creating animal-human hybrids': Alex Jones interview to air Sunday


Infowars founder Alex Jones seems to be feeling the hot seat before his interview with NBC’s Megyn Kelly even airs. The conspiracy theorist has lashed out at Kelly for the “hit job” interview – even as Kelly is under fire for giving Jones a mainstream stage.

Pat Gray, Stu Burguiere and Jeffy Fisher are ready to see Kelly cross-examine Jones in the upcoming interview, which is slated to air Sunday. On “Pat & Stu” this week, Pat called the interview “must-see, appointment television.”

Stu made sure to clarify that Jones does not represent his or other conservatives’ views. “This is nut-job world; it is not conservative,” he said of Jones. The Infowars founder has promoted or created some of the worst internet conspiracy theories, including the fake story that 9/11 was an “inside job,” the infamous “PizzaGate” story, and the false claim that the 2012 Sandy Hook school shooting was staged with actors.

While it was appropriate in the past to ignore Jones most of the time, the 2016 election changed everything because now the U.S. president has been closely linked with him. President Donald Trump praised Jones for his “amazing” reputation while he was a presidential candidate featured in Infowars interviews. Last month, Infowars bragged about receiving White House press credentials, tweeting a photo from the press briefing room after Jerome Corsi, Washington Bureau Chief apparently got a temporary day pass.

Stu pointed out that Jones’ rise to greater recognition has actually been detrimental for his career as an internet conspiracy theorist. Jones had to apologize for spreading the fake “PizzaGate” story and has also been sued by Chobani for claiming the yogurt company was hiring illegal immigrant rapists.

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