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Alex Jones lives in his own reality

YouTube/The Alex Jones Channel

The guys on “Pat & Stu” tried to dissect the insanity of InfoWars’ Alex Jones, an internet personality known for his aggressive tirades promoting conspiracy theories. Jones had been battling his ex-wife in court over custody of their kids, and the case has brought out some even stranger moments.

One especially memorable moment that came out of the custody battle was when Jones couldn’t remember what grades his kids were in while testifying and attributed it to the “big bowl of chili” he had for lunch.

Stu Burguiere summed it up: “The thing about Alex Jones is that he exists in a world in which nothing he says has to have any connection to truth. So every day he goes on the air and blurts out a thousand things that are false.”

Jones seems to be learning that you can’t promote completely fabricated stories and not get into legal trouble. He had to apologize publicly to a pizza restaurant in Washington, D.C., after perpetuating “PizzaGate,” an entirely false report that Democrats were involved in a sex ring with minors in the restaurant’s basement. He is also currently being sued by Chobani after claiming in a headline that the restaurant was bringing illegal immigrant rapists into the country.

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