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Bizarre Alex Jones custody battle is over

Ben Jackson/Getty Images

After a strange custody battle, Alex Jones of InfoWars has lost the right to decide his kids’ living situation. He will share joint custody of his three children with ex-wife Kelly Jones, who won the case and can now decide where the children will live.

On Friday’s “The Glenn Beck Radio Program,” the guys discussed some of the conspiracy theorist’s craziest moments: a supposed geneticist who observed government experiments with gilled people, chili that makes you forget things, and of course, those infamous gay frogs.

In the custody battle, counsel for Kelly Jones argued that Alex Jones lives out his aggressive, unhinged InfoWars personality in everyday life, making him an unfit parent. Alex Jones’ attorney attempted to use the defense that his InfoWars rants are simply “performance art.”

Stu Burguiere tried to pinpoint the distinction, noting, “It’s one thing if you have someone making a joke on air, you can’t say ‘Well, that’s their real persona,’ but when you have a man that is screaming at passersby, threatening violence on people pretty routinely, taking his shirt off …”

Jones’ legal woes are far from over. The commentator is being sued by Chobani for allegedly promoting a fabricated story that said the yogurt company was bringing illegal immigrant rapists into the country.

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