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This attempted scam is a reminder to be careful on Craigslist

Doc Thompson
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Sometimes Craigslist is helpful – and sometimes scammers try to take advantage of people.

Brad Staggs tried to sell a table and took some would-be scammers on a wild ride. The scammers wanted him to give $1,000 to a “mover” as part of a deal for a $150 table, so obviously, he gave them Kris Cruz’s name. They shared the story on Tuesday’s “The Morning Blaze with Doc Thompson.”

“They’re scam-busters,” Doc Thompson explained.

The person who responded to the listing appeared to be part of a call center that runs scams on people, Brad explained.

“This is a fairly large operation,” he said.

Brad was sent a check and instructed to wire the money to someone in Sacramento. Brad decided to string the scammer along, pretending that he had sent the money and sending them an image from the internet as proof that it had been done.

What about the table that a mover was supposedly being paid to deliver? Brad texted the person to see if they needed an address to pick it up.

“Crickets,” he said.

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