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This CNN analyst is triggered by TheBlaze's Dana Loesch

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The defense mechanism Sigmund Freud described as “projection” seems to be in full effect whenever TheBlaze’s Dana Loesch does an ad for the National Rifle Association. The latest kerfuffle is over a bit calling out the New York Times for their bias.

Now Mark Hertling has tweeted that he has reported NRA TV for “threatening Americans and institutions.” Hertling is a CNN analyst and retired Lt. General from the United States Army.

In the ad, Loesch says, “We’ve had it with your constant protection of your Democrat overlords,” and that “we’ve had it with your pretentious and tone deaf assertion that you are, in any way, truth or fact based journalism.” She then says, “We’re going to laser-focus on your so-called honest pursuit of truth. In short, we’re coming for you.”

Dana Loesch told Chris Salcedo, “A promise to fact check the media will get a free people reported to the government,” and asked, “Are you really free if you are not free to hold your press accountable?” on today’s “Chris Salcedo Show.” She felt they are reading violence into the words because they have a "preoccupation with violence."

They discussed how any disagreement with the left is labeled hate speech, a symptom of a kind of cultural fascism that has entered progressive thought. From the firing of a Google employee for his opinion to Lena Dunham reporting overhead speech, the left appears to want to hear fewer voices.

Loesch said America needs “more voices, not fewer voices."

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