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This couple crashed a wedding as their first date -- here's how the bride responded

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Lots of couples have had awkward dates at weddings, but a first date? Even stranger, Carly Wolfson and Ritchie Barry weren't invited to the wedding. They crashed a random wedding reception.

Hopefully that first date went well, because images of it were preserved forever in the reception photos of Karen and Michael Tufo. To make up for their intrusion, the daters left a card with a "buck for luck."

The bride sought out the couple afterward, posting on Facebook: "Well played my friends… well played!!! I need to meet these people and buy them a drink. Professional job! You gave us the best wedding present anyone could ever ask for!"

Jeff Fisher thought that looked like a fun date idea on "The Jeff Fisher Show." He asked, "What's the worst that could happen? They arrest you and you go to jail?" He assumed the worst fate anyone trying that would suffer is being kicked out.

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