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This legislation would force companies to hand over their technology for free


As a consumer, do you have the “right” to fix the car, electronic device or other product you’ve purchased with technological information the government forces companies to divulge?

The American Legislative Exchange Council, a conservative nonprofit comprising state legislators and private sector advocates, says no. ALEC has objected to “right to repair” policies on the grounds that they stifle innovation and interfere with the free market.

On this week’s “40 Acres & a Fool,” Cam Edwards and Miss E looked at both sides of the "fair repair" debate, asking if consumer needs outweighed an innovator’s right to intellectual property.

Legislation mandating a right to repair would force companies to hand over a broad range of information about their products for free. The government would not only dictate what information innovators have to give away but also how much companies would be allowed to charge for service parts.

“It’s quality control,” Miss E explained one reason why companies want to maintain the right to update products themselves.

“I’m sure it boils down to increased profits for these companies,” Cam said, adding, “I’m not sure that should be illegal.”

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