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This private citizen helped create a network of resources for victims of illegal immigrant crime

Chris Salcedo
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Victims of crimes perpetrated by persons in the United States illegally have not had many resources available to them. In January, President Donald Trump created the Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement division, or VOICE, via executive order. It was inspired in part by the efforts of Maria Espinosa, co-founder and national director of the Remembrance Project.

They have relocated from Texas to Washington D.C., to support VOICE. Espinosa updated Chris Salcedo on advances they have made on behalf of these victims on today’s “Chris Salcedo Show.” She has been advocating for those killed by illegal aliens since 2009.

She recalled a letter they sent in 2015 to governors of every state asking for a program to help victims receive medical care, counseling, and assistance navigating the legal system. They also sent the letter to several GOP candidates for the presidency in 2016. The only one who responded is now President Donald Trump.

She announced a collaboration with Care Force U.S. to provide crisis intervention and chaplain services for those who require it. Additionally, she met with Attorney General Jeff Sessions to address the alarming fact that assistant United States attorneys do not typically prosecute illegal aliens when they assault a border agent as well as Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly to discuss related issues.

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