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Thomas Jefferson fan who created his own libertarian nation in Europe is touring the United States

Mike Opelka

Liberland president Vít Jedlička is making a "freedom tour" of the United States this July. He has been invited to speak at the Christians United for Israel's summit in Washingon D.C., Freedom Fest in Las Vegas, Nevada, and the American Legislative Exchange Council's meeting in Denver, Colorado.

Liberland has existed for slightly more than two years on the west bank of the Danube between Croatia and Serbia. It was intentionally founded on Thomas Jefferson's birthday, April 13. It's motto, "To live and let live," sums up Jedlička's libertarian stance and desire to live freely. He is a regular guest on "Pure Opelka," and has made Mike Opelka a cultural ambassador to his nation.

Liberland continues to establish itself as a separate nation, and the president says it has even begun issuing "car licenses" for diplomats that are recognized by the European Union and European vehicle insurers. While the nation had initially intended to be car-free, this is a courtesy for friends and supporters.

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