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Trump 'is not the CEO of America. ... He doesn't run the country

Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck is joined by Pat Gray, Stu Burguiere and Jeff Fisher as they discuss how it did not fill them with confidence that Donald Trump was attempting to run both his company and the country. Pat doesn't think Trump could have done both, but Jeffy believes he could have pulled it off.

Trump "is not the CEO of America," Glenn explains. "The president doesn't run both (the nation and a business). He doesn't run the country."

"If we as conservatives allow others to believe that's what happens, well then �— I don't mean to use this word; I want to use this word the way it was used in the 1920s — that's fascism," Glenn exclaims.

"Can you imagine George Washington standing up at a press conference talking about his holdings?" Pat asks. "It's just the weirdest thing to sit and listen to."

Pat mentions that Washington was by far the richest president we've ever had, and Glenn responds that he was by far one of the most humble too.

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