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University puts free tampons in men’s restroom

(matka_Wariatka/Getty Images)

University of Wisconsin-Madison is the latest university to provide free feminine hygiene products in both women’s and men’s restrooms.

The school is offering menstrual products in three buildings on campus, one of which will have feminine hygiene options stocked in the men’s, women’s and gender-neutral restrooms. On “The Morning Blaze with Doc Thompson,”  Producer Kal Elsebai was very confused about this turn of events.

“How do men use feminine hygiene products?” Kal asked, wondering if perhaps they came in handy if guys cut themselves shaving.

“Kal, haven’t you learned anything yet? Some men menstruate,” Doc said. “And some women have penises.”

When Kal tried to apply logic to the situation with “men are men and women are women,” the guys gave him a hard time. “Why would men need that? Explain it to me,” Kal said.

“This is hate,” Doc deadpanned. “This is hate speech.”

Doc ultimately had to draw a picture to explain the situation to Kal, who is sadly behind the times.

“It’s like it’s 1820,” Doc joked about Kal’s denial. “We’ve ‘evolved.’”

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