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US Muslims are observant but open to multiple interpretations of Islam

Alex Wong/Getty Images

A Pew research study found U.S. Muslims, while religiously observant, are open to several interpretations of Islam. While most pray regularly and attend mosque weekly, 64 percent of Muslim Americans believe there is more than one way to interpret the teachings of Islam, and 31 percent believe there is only one true way of interpreting Islam.

On this week's episode of "Reform This!" Dr. Zuhdi Jasser discussed the latest Pew poll results and asserted that while research organizations like Pew have scratched the surface of understanding Muslim Americans, they need to dig deeper and ask tougher questions.

"Some of their polls have been very helpful in looking at some of the data out there about Muslims, about terrorism, about radicalism and ideology," said Jasser.

"I think they've missed some of the questions that have been asked in the past and I think that's because they've had no reformers working with them looking at the more pertinent questions that need to be asked."

Jasser went on to explain why the poll is very good news, but worrisome news as well.

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