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What does Vladimir Putin stand to gain from our involvement in Syria?

Glenn Beck

TheBlaze's Jason Buttrill joined Glenn Beck today on "The Glenn Beck Radio Program," to discuss how Russia might make the most of the escalation of the events in Syria. Buttrill believes there are a number of possibilities Russian President Vladimir Putin may attempt.

It is likely that President Donald Trump will find cooperation with Russia beneficial. In that respect, Jason argued, Putin may ask -- or Trump may offer -- for sanctions to be removed from Russia, which followed after their aggression in eastern Ukraine and Crimea. Buttrill, like many, also believes that there is likely more to Russia's involvement in Syria than meets the eye:

"I think Putin has always been in Syria, [number] one, to distract us, 'cause it is just great when the United States is bogged down in the Middle East wars."

Glenn quickly agreed, pointing out that the Russians have intimate knowledge of how harmful military activity in the Middle East can be to a nation's budget and resources following the defeat of the Soviet Union in Afghanistan.

Jason added that Putin may hold out for what he likely considers "the geopolitical mother lode" in exchange for his cooperation in Syria: the removal of our anti-ballistic missile shield in eastern Europe:

"The very next day they'll pack up and leave Syria for good; they'll never come back."

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