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While Americans struggle, here’s how much lawmakers make each year -- not including benefits

Glenn Beck
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Members of Congress make $174,000 per year – not counting a host of other benefits and perks that come with the job.

“The speaker of the house only is struggling on $223,000,” Glenn Beck pointed out sarcastically on Tuesday’s “The Glenn Beck Radio Program.” Glenn, Pat Gray and Stu Burguiere went through a list of the many benefits that lawmakers enjoy.

A member of Congress gets money toward living expenses and travel expenses and a tax break of $10,000 on health care.

“It was a supermarket of 300 private health plans,” Glenn described what lawmakers have been choosing from for their health care.

Along with travel and office expenses, members of Congress get gym memberships, members-only tennis courts and salons and barbershops. They also enjoy airline privileges with the ability to book as many flights as they want if they don’t know exactly what time they’ll leave. Reagan National Airport gives them free parking for each trip to the airport.

Glenn noted members of Congress who die in office will leave behind a year’s full salary, which exceeds what military troops can bequeath to their families.

“It is grotesque,” Glenn said.

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