Will Cam dress up as a ‘well-armed woman’ to speak at this conference?

Cam Edwards highlighted some of his upcoming conference appearances on this week’s “40 Acres & a Fool.” This fall, Cam will be a speaker at the New Jersey SAFE Conference and the Well Armed Woman National Leadership Conference in Provo, Utah.

Miss E had an important question. “You gonna be dressing up like Mrs. Doubtfire for this one?” she asked about the Utah event. “You don’t look like a well-armed woman.”

Fortunately, Cam is allowed to appear at the conference as himself; however, he does have some experience with cross-dressing. One Halloween, Cam wore one of Miss E’s dresses partly because they were trying to save money on costumes and partly because it was easy.

“Yeah, I was not an attractive woman,” Cam admitted frankly. “I think the only lazier Halloween costume I ever had was Babe Ruth where I wore a Boston Red Sox jersey that I had along with a pair of white sweat pants.”

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