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Will one bad Facebook Live user ruin it for everyone?

Glenn Beck
(Getty Images/Chris Ratcliffe)

On Tuesday’s “The Glenn Beck Radio Program,” the guys talked about the alleged murder that was captured on Facebook Live and whether or not the crime has long-time repercussions for the platform itself.

Over the weekend, a man who was walking home from an Easter meal with his family was shot and killed on a Cleveland sidewalk, with the murder suspect posting a video he said documented the shooting. Murder suspect Steve Stephens, who shared the horrifying incident in a Facebook video, has since committed suicide.

One concern is that more murders will be committed on Facebook Live. Glenn Beck pointed out that the shooting, as terrible as it was, is one incident out of nearly 2 billion Facebook users. If you’re going by statistics, those numbers are pretty good.

“That’s better than any medication that you buy over the counter that everybody trusts,” Glenn made the analogy. “The side effects of Facebook with this are in the .000 percentage. It’s one of the safest things out there, and yet everybody’s freaking out. It was a bad thing, but one guy out of 2 billion.”

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