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With the crackdown on illegal immigration, do 'sanctuary communities' still exist?

Chris Salcedo
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The concept of sanctuary cities, counties, and states continues to surface as President Donald Trump’s administration cracks down on illegal immigration and crimes committed by individuals in the United States not legally permitted to be here. A “sanctuary” community is one that states it will not cooperate with federal agents who seek and apprehend such people for deportation.

Fox News contributor Ruben Navarrette Jr. returned to “The Chris Salcedo Show” today to talk about this concept, which he declared is “a joke.” He said there is no place anyone can hide from the Internal Revenue Service or Immigration and Customs Enforcement. He said declaring a community a sanctuary was akin to picking a state flower, adding, “So what?”

ICE acting director Thomas Homan confirmed Tuesday that extra agents are being sent to places calling themselves sanctuary cities, stating, “It’s not okay to violate the laws of this country anymore. You’re going to be held accountable.” California wants to call itself a sanctuary state, which isn’t sitting well with all the state’s sheriffs.

Navarette reminded Chris Salcedo that sheriffs in California are half cop and half politician. As they want to be reelected, they will say what is necessary to get the votes in their communities. Orange County Sheriff Sandra Hutchens said she was advised that she cannot disobey California’s sanctuary state bill, but he suspects she is saying that because her county is 30 percent Hispanic, but that she would be more in trouble with her constituents if crime rates rose.

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