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Woman accuses ventriloquist's stuffed dog of coming to life and making lewd comments to her

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A ventriloquist in the UK was interviewed by police after a woman accused his dummy of making lewd comments to her. His big defense? His dummy, Grisweld, doesn’t speak. The guys discussed the odd story on Thursday’s “The Morning Blaze with Doc Thompson.”

David Sampson claimed that police questioned him for more than an hour after a woman said that his dummy, Grisweld the Super Dog, was making lewd remarks to her in the street. He vowed that his dummy could not have made the remarks because Grisweld doesn’t talk, the Coventry Telegraph reported. Neither Sampson nor his red-nosed dummy was charged in connection with the woman’s allegations.

“She claimed Grisweld gave her a load of sexual abuse and then hid in my trousers and said ‘why don’t you come and have a feel at this, missus?’” Sampson explained to the Coventry Telegraph. “But Grisweld cannot get in my trousers. It never happened.”

“You have to ask yourself, if Grisweld didn’t do it, and obviously, he didn’t because he couldn’t fit in the man’s trousers and has lost his bark, why would a woman claim such a thing?” Doc Thompson asked.

Brad Staggs had a theory: he wondered if the woman and Grisweld had had a previous relationship and she was after money.

Doc chalked up the woman’s accusations to bigotry, which is always the go-to for countering someone’s claim. “There’s obviously a great prejudice against the doll and the ventriloquist,” he asserted.

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