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Would you risk your kids’ lives by moving them near an ISIS hotbed? This American family does

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An American family with three children decided to move to war-torn Mosul, a city in northern Iraq that has been devastated by the Islamic State. The Eubanks describe their work as a “calling from God,” but is it the right decision?

Dad David Eubank says he spent 10 years in the military and has Army Special Forces experience; mom Karen Eubank homeschools their three kids at the medic station where the family spends their days at the ready to help fleeing Iraqis, the Washington Post reported.

Before they moved to Mosul, the family spent most of their time in the last two decades in the jungles of Burma. David Eubank founded a humanitarian organization called the Free Burma Rangers, which gave people medical care, shelter and food.

On Tuesday’s “The Morning Blaze with Doc Thompson,” Brad Staggs and Kal Elsebai talked about the terrifying risks of bringing your family to the front lines of war with ISIS and debated whether or not it’s the best way to help people.

“I think you can help in other ways. … I don’t know if I’d take my family into a war zone,” Kal said. He reminded the audience that while the world used to follow certain rules of war, ISIS doesn’t follow them. Women, children and journalists who aren’t fighting are still fair game for torture and murder when it comes to ISIS, he asserted.

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