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Yaakov Katz: 'It's all confusing. It's a complete surprise; you're not expecting it


Yaakov Katz, editor-in-chief at The Jerusalem Post, joins Doc Thompson to give an update about the latest truck attack in Jerusalem that targeted Israeli soldiers. Yaakov mentions how the Israeli soldiers were gathering for a daytime tour of a popular tourist promenade when an Arab Palestinian drove a truck into the crowd of soldiers as they gathered by their tour guide.

"I would say it was kind of like some of the scenes in recent months in places like Berlin, places like Nice in France, where you have Islamic terrorists that take trucks and cars and just drive them into civilian areas and try and run over and kill as many people as possible," Yaakov explains.

Doc mentions how the only angle he could see from a video of the attack was over the shoulder or tops of the heads of a group of people, and the truck appears only in the background of the shot. He questions if the people in the foreground knew what was happening as it unfolded, since most of them simply stood by until the truck started backing up to ram the crowd again.

Yaakov reports that the promenade is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the city and indicates that at first, not even the best-trained soldiers would know exactly what's happening or how to respond in that kind of situation.

"It's all confusing. It's a complete surprise; you're not expecting it," Yaakov says.

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