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Yes, Trump deserves a Nobel Prize – once he actually seals peace with North Korea

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People are already calling for President Donald Trump to win a Nobel Peace Prize, including with a bill in Congress for his work on North Korea. Kim Jong Un is a tyrant and the Kim family has a very long history of abuses towards their own people. But we need to remember one key fact: North Korea has not yet given any concessions to gain peace.

In the latest episode of Freedom's Disciple, Jonathon Dunne has a special plea to requesting a Nobel Peace Prize for Trump and his handling of North Korea. Could Trump seal a historic deal for peace? Absolutely. If and when he does and it is verified, then call for a Nobel Peace Prize for Trump, but until that day comes, Jonathon is making a plea with you to please stop.

Jonathon also discussed the American culture of moral outrage at the WHCD by contrasting the joke that conservatives should have been angry at and the actual jokes they were outraged by. Lastly, Jonathon shared a personal story that defined who he is and why he very rarely insults people in his commentary.

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