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ZION News: Israel releases official BDS ‘blacklist’ -- here's why


Israel releases B.D.S. ‘blacklist’

Israel has just published a list of groups linked with the BDS [Boycott,Divestment and Sanctions] movement to boycott the Jewish state, and members and affiliates from these organizations will now officially be banned from entering the country.

‘Minimarket bill’ comes up for final votes

Israel’s controversial ‘Minimarket bill’ which would effectively shutter most commercial business conducted during the Shabbat weekend, is up for its final two votes today.

Religious coercion or identity protection?

Rabbi Dov Halbertal, Former Head of the Office of the Chief Rabbi of Israel and Rabbi Meir Azari, Senior Rabbi at Bet Daniel, Tel Aviv speaking at ILTV Studio about the two sides of the recently proposed ‘Minimarket bill’

Israel resupplies full power to the Gaza Strip

After a long-endured shortage, and at the behest of the Palestinian authority, Israel has now agreed to restore its full share of power to the Gaza Strip today.

Israel dreams of Man-Made Islands

Israel has considered its own Man-Made Islands for a variety of reasons in the past, but now Netanyahu has just summoned a new committee to reopen the idea once and for all.

Security Cabinet discusses Northern threat

The Israeli Security Cabinet has been regularly meeting recently, to discuss the mounting threat in the North. A discussion described Sunday as “Extremely Significant.”

Dutch tax authority hounds Holocaust survivor

An elderly Holocaust survivor collects a small monthly stipend from Germany as reparations for Forced Child Labor she endured during Nazi rule, but now the Dutch tax authority is coming after her.

Keep an eye on Israel’s technology sector

Adv. Dan Shamgar, Partner with Meitar Liquornik Geva Leshem Tal speaking at ILTV Studio about High-Tech Startups are looking abroad to sell their incredible innovations.

Tiny tomato; Big potential

An Israeli company might have just redefined the modern salad as we know it, by inventing what is perhaps the world’s smallest cherry tomato of all time.

Israel sends helping hands to South Africa

Israel’s ‘Zaka’ organization lends helping hands to disaster relief efforts all over the world, and lately their volunteers have been working around the clock helping to clean up following deadly storms in South Africa.

Gal Gadot rules at the Golden Globes

Israeli superstar, Gal Gadot, made an amazing splash at the Golden Globe Awards, and also went on the Red Carpet with a message, dressing in all black to symbolize Hollywood women's stand against Sexual Harassment.

Dutch celeb gets backlash for visiting Israel

Fans unfollow one of the Netherlands’ best-known actresses after she posted pictures of her visit to the Holy Land on social media.

Israelis bare it all for ‘No Pants Day’

Dozens of Jerusalem citizens have just participated in 'No-Pants Day’ which is the day when people all over the world say, “so long” to their pants.

Hebrew word Of The Day: MIKHNASSAYIM | מכנסיים = PANTS

Learn a New Hebrew word every day. Today’s word is "Mikhnassayim" which means "Pass"

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