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ZION News: Israeli company develops breakthrough treatment for ALS with stem cell innovations

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Taylor Force Act Clears First Hurdle

The Taylor Force Act has just cleared a major hurdle and is on its way to becoming U.S. Law. The bill proposes severely cutting U.S. aid to the Palestinian Authority, unless the P.A. stops paying salaries and stipends to terrorists and their families.


Israeli A.G. Approves Palestinian Land Seizure

Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit has just announced that contrary to prior verdicts, Israel can confiscate privately-owned Palestinian land for certain, specific purposes in the settlements.


Linda Sarsour To Lead Panel On Anti-Semitism

New York university has selected Linda Sarsour, a Muslim anti-Israel activist who tweets things like "nothing is creepier than Zionism" to lead a panel on anti-Semitism.


Germany Pushing For Business Ties With Iran

German lawmakers are promoting business ties and trade with Iran. Israel’s Ministry in Berlin has slammed this disturbing relationship.


Brainstorm Cell Therapeutics

Chaim Lebovits, President & C.E.O of Brainstorm Cell Therapeutics speaking at ILTV studio about Israeli company "Brainstorm Cell Therapeutics" that is treating neurodegenerative diseases like ALS with stem cell innovations.


ZAKA Founder Survives Surprise Lion Attack

The Head of Israel’s ‘Zaka’ Volunteer Emergency Service Organization, Yehuda Meshi-Zahav, survived a lion attack in Africa coming out with a minor scratch.


Get A Taste Of Tel Aviv With Tubi 60

Hilal Tubi, CEO of Tubi 60 speaking at ILTV studio about the unique alcoholic beverage called Tubi 60 that is starting to make its way worldwide.


All You Gotta Do Is Inject The Fat Away

An Israeli medical start-up is working on an injection shot that literally melts fat away with no exercise required. Once the shot’s administered, the drug removes fat cells by generating heat.


Holy Purple Eggplants, Batman!

Archaeologists just found an ancient refuse pit in the City of David that dates back nearly eleven hundred years, revealing new insights on agriculture in Israel during the early Islamic period.


Where To Cross Paths With An Israeli

Boaz Waksman, Chairman of Ophir Tours speaking at ILTV studio about the destinations of Israelis who are traveling abroad in record numbers.


Top 5 Hottest Israeli Musicians Abroad

ILTV’s Emanuelle Kadosh brining the latest top 5 Israeli musicians.


Hebrew word Of The Day: ZRI’KAH | זריקה = INJECTION/SHOT

Learn a new Hebrew word every day. Today’s word is "zri'kah" which means "injection/shot"


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