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Zuhdi Jasser: American Muslims should use public platforms to show what reformed Islam looks like

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Deedra Abboud, a previous CAIR-AZ leader, has decided to run as a Democrat to represent Arizona in the United States Senate. She wrote a few posts on her Facebook page about the Founding Fathers, which were followed up by bigoted comments from internet trolls.

Laurie Roberts of AZCentral highlighted the trolling of the candidate's page in an article, which Dr. Zhudi Jasser sees as a patronizing move. He felt the media is helping Abboud turn her platform into a response to America's collective guilt, rather than her record.

He called on prominent American Muslims to use the attention to Islam as a means for reform and modernization, rather than self aggrandizement and ego. He noted that any troll posting hateful, bigoted comments "no more represents Arizonans than Al Qaeda operatives represent Muslims."

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