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Andrew Tate: Champion of masculinity or paragon of toxicity?

Fearless with Jason Whitlock

Andrew Tate, a British-American influencer and one of the most Googled people in the world, practically embodies the word controversy.

Some love him; others detest him.

Some praise Tate as a warrior of masculinity for encouraging men around the world to uphold traditional values by protecting and providing. Others find him the very definition of toxic masculinity, claiming that he exploits women and condones immorality.

Liz Wheeler of “The Liz Wheeler Show” joins Jason Whitlock to discuss the disputes surrounding Andrew Tate.

Liz tells Jason that Tate has given our current culture, which has successfully villainized masculinity, a refreshing reality check.

“He accurately diagnoses a serious problem in our culture,” she says.

“Our society tells young men that masculinity is toxic; young men are told that they shouldn’t want to protect and provide for their wives and families; they shouldn’t want to procreate; our society feminizes men,” she continues.

“Andrew Tate accurately diagnoses that,” she says, adding, “He looks at young men and he says, ‘No, you should be strong; you should be masculine.’”

However, that’s where Tate’s positive influence ends, according to Liz.

“What he prescribes as the antidote” to the attack on masculinity is “poison,” she tells Jason.

“He points young men towards materialism; he points young men to exploitation of women; he points young men to worship of self,” she says.

And that’s what makes Tate such a danger to society, Liz argues.

“Accurately diagnosing a cultural ill … is incredibly destructive when you’re just using that to lure young men to a path of self-destruction,” she explains.

So is Andrew Tate a champion of masculinity or a paragon of toxicity?

In the eyes of Liz Wheeler, he’s a bit of both.

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