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Angela Bassett’s black entitlement on full display at Oscars

Angela Bassett’s black entitlement on full display at Oscars

Critical race theory has completely taken over Hollywood, and it’s wasted no time creating self-identified victims of those suffering through their place in the upper caste of society.

This was clearly demonstrated at the Oscars last night by Michelle Yeoh, who won best actress in a leading role for the film "Everything Everywhere All at Once" — which Whitlock describes as “one of the dumbest, worst movies in the history of the planet.”

In Yeoh’s speech, she says, “So I really have to thank the academy for acknowledging, embracing diversity and true representation. I think this is something that we have been working so hard towards for a very long time and tonight we freaking broke that glass ceiling.”

She continued her woke speech, saying, “I’m comforted, because there are so many who have felt unseen, unheard. Not just the Asian community ... but for anybody who’s been identified as a minority. We deserve to be heard ... to have equal opportunity, so we can have a seat at the table.”

Whitlock believes that this speech was the reason Angela Bassett was so upset.

He says Angela Bassett was thinking as Michelle Yeoh gave her speech, “‘Oh, I was going to give that speech for little black kids, and it was going to rain on them.’” He goes on, “None of it’s true, it’s all narcissism.”

Perhaps, as Whitlock observes, Angela Bassett’s “resting Bassett face” was due to her “dreaming about giving her little victory parade speech and wrapping herself in the victimhood flag.”

But as anyone who spent their precious time watching the diversity and inclusion seminar, aka the Oscars knows, she didn’t get the chance to.


Because she lost to a white woman: Jamie Lee Curtis.

Whitlock rips her hypothetical speech to shreds, saying, “It’s trickle-down racial justice. Oh, if Angela Bassett could put an Oscar on her mantle in her mansion somewhere in Hollywood, little black girls across America will all start getting straight As in math and English because they’ll be so inspired.”

And he’s right. It’s laughable, really.

Does anyone really think that the better things are for Hollywood actress Angela Basset — the bigger her mansion, the more decorated her mantle— the better they’ll be for the little black kids growing up in the streets in Chicago?

If so, they seem to be nothing short of delusional.

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