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Social media matrix destroys free will; Dorsey admits ‘we are being programmed’
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Social media matrix destroys free will; Dorsey admits ‘we are being programmed’

Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has come clean about social media and the algorithm, explaining that the entire thing is rigged.

“This is going to sound a little bit crazy, but I think the free speech debate is a complete distraction right now. I think the real debate should be about free will. And we feel it right now, because we are being programmed,” Dorsey began.

“We are being programmed based on what we say we’re interested in, and we are told through these discovery mechanisms what is interesting. And as we engage and interact with this content, the algorithm continues to build more and more of this bias.”

Dorsey went on to say that because people have become so dependent on these algorithms, “it’s actually changing and impacting the agency we have — the free agency we have.”

Jason Whitlock has been warning of the dangers of the social media matrix for eight years, and he’s glad one of its co-creators is coming clean.

“It’s a very, very profound thing that he’s saying. It’s a very, very important thing that he’s saying. It’s long, long overdue,” Whitlock says. “He’s saying, ‘Hey, we created Frankenstein. We thought that we were smarter than everybody else, we thought that we were going to use these algorithms and all the social media platforms to program a better America, to program a better human being.’”

“I’ve been telling you all for years,” he continues, “the reason why American culture turned on a dime on same-sex marriage, on acceptance, and affirming LGBTQIA+ lifestyle — because social media programmed you to do that.”

This is why Dorsey says that free speech is essentially irrelevant.

“What he’s saying is we can amplify the speech that we want. We can amplify the narrative, the agenda that we want to amplify, and your ability to speak freely becomes irrelevant,” Whitlock says.

“No one will hear you, not in great mass, not in comparison.”

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