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Joe Biden’s debate disaster sparks Joy Reid and Rachel Maddow MELTDOWNS
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Joe Biden’s debate disaster sparks Joy Reid and Rachel Maddow MELTDOWNS

Conservatives may acknowledge the stark differences between men and women, but liberals are doing the best job of demonstrating it — especially in the aftermath of President Joe Biden’s disastrous performance on the debate stage.

While liberal men’s responses have been mostly based on logic, their female counterparts have responded illogically and emotionally.

Rachel Maddow’s most recent meltdown is a prime example.

“I really did not expect that they would do this, and they, you know, Donald Trump and his council asked for this 100% absolute immunity thing which was insane, I would say they got 105% of what they were asking for. They got immunity from this court,” Maddow said, before going entirely off the rails on “hypotheticals.”

“Can the president assassinate a rival? I think we have to look at the Supreme Court’s affirmative to that, yes, you can,” she remarked. “I mean, this is a death squad ruling.”

“This is a president who has activated pro-Trump military groups, that you know, wear insignia and T-shirts and hold placards celebrating literally right-wing death squads. This is a president who has talked about absolutely using the Department of Justice to go after his rivals. This explicitly immunizes anything the president wants to do through the justice department.”

Jason Whitlock is well aware that what Maddow just asserted is ridiculous.

“Women bow to logic and reason just the same way as men,” Whitlock mocks. “No, they don’t.”

“Nor should they,” he continues. “It’s not what they were built for. They get pregnant and carry another human being in their womb for 9 months at a time. Once a month, they have a menstrual cycle that really messes with their hormones and emotions and we think, ‘Oh yeah, let’s put them on equal political footing with men, let’s install them on every TV show and every talk show in America. Let’s completely feminize the situation.”

Maddow isn’t alone in her delusion, as Joy Reid has also responded with a clear lack of logic to the events of the past couple of weeks.

“Donald John Trump cannot be allowed back into the White House,” Reid said in a selfie video posted to social media. “If you combine that mad man with this court, two of whose members are insurrectionists, one of whom flew an upside down flag at his home and blamed it on his wife, who’s also crazy.”

“The other of whom’s wife literally was part of the insurrection,” she continued. “They ruled on this with no shame.”

“They are kings and Trump is king. You put him in the White House, combined with this court and a Republican House and Senate, we’re done, y’all. All the rights that were won in the 20th century, the hard-earned rights of women, laborers, workers, the rights of children,” she said but didn’t stop there.

“They are trying to repeal the entire 20th century,” she continued, “If you don’t think they’re coming for all these rights, then you are delusional.”

“This is a nut job,” Whitlock responds, shocked.

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