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Liz Wheeler EXPOSES Andrew Tate’s lies, addresses Candace Owens interview

Liz Wheeler EXPOSES Andrew Tate’s lies, addresses Candace Owens interview

Andrew Tate recently sat down with the Daily Wire’s Candace Owens for an interview that has stirred controversy among his critics and supporters alike.

Liz Wheeler is among his critics who believe Tate is not the right role model for young men by any means.

“He accurately diagnoses the cultural ill, that our society vilifies men, and that’s bad. We both agree on that. But his prescription, or his antidote, to that is destructive to young men,” Wheeler tells Jason Whitlock.

Instead of leading these young men down the right path, he leads them “towards materialism, pornography, exploitation of women, and worship of self,” she continues.

While Tate has claimed that his webcam business, because of which he is accused of trafficking and manipulating women into speaking to desperate men on camera for money, is no longer in operation.

He also claimed that these women were drawing pictures and doing non-sexual acts on camera, which contradicts earlier statements he had made.

“I’m Christian. I believe in Redemption. I believe in forgiveness. But he said in this video that he has nothing to apologize for. That he’s not sorry for this, that he doesn’t think it was that bad and that he didn’t hurt anyone,” Wheeler says.

Wheeler believes that Tate’s entire personality and empire is built around manipulation.

“He’s a magnetic personality. He’s charismatic. He’s courageous enough to accurately diagnose this cultural ill that a lot of people won’t talk about,” she says, adding, “that’s what makes him so dangerous.”

His willingness to discuss controversial topics is what leads these young men to believe he has their best interests in mind.

“I challenge young men to really listen to what he says. He hasn’t disavowed his participation, he brags about getting rich from his pornography business. $600,000 a month he was making off of pimping girls,” Wheeler says.

“This is destructive to young men, and he’s not sorry,” she adds.

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