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Whitlock: 'The Alphabet Mafia controls black culture'

Fearless with Jason Whitlock

If you’ve been paying attention, you might have noticed that the LGBTQ+ movement has begun to involve black people as a part of the victim narrative. Just take one look at the mashed-up gay and transgender pride flags with black and brown stripes for further confirmation.

It couldn’t be more apparent.

Obviously, not everyone in the black community is gay, nor do they all believe themselves to be victims. But that’s not what the NAACP wants the black community to think.

And Jason Whitlock has some thoughts.

He says “The Alphabet Mafia defines and controls black culture.” And it’s true. If you watched the NAACP Image Awards, the black voices celebrated were largely members of the LGBTQ+ community.

One of those voices was Brittney Griner, of whom Whitlock hilariously says her most “notable accomplishment” is “getting arrested abroad.” He then goes on to say that “the truth is the NAACP honored her because she’s non-binary and married to a woman.”

Gabrielle Union took the stage to discuss how important it is to stand up for those in the LGBTQ+ community. Her 15-year-old son has recently transitioned to a girl. Which, in Hollywood, seems to be becoming the norm.

Whitlock responds, “The NCAAP is using black people to promote the BLM LGBTQ+ Alphabet Mafia agenda. We, black people, are so ruled by racial idolatry that we adopt and promote any agenda labeled as black, including agendas directly opposed to religious principles and values.”

He’s not wrong. Nicco Annan was awarded best actor in a drama series for his work on the show "P-Valley" — in which he plays a gay bar owner who is sleeping with a young rapper.

Nicco thanked God for his success, to which Whitlock responded, “It serves no purpose at this point other than leading black people astray and away from God. And then dressing it up as God’s work.”

He added, “I can’t dress up my promiscuous behavior and say it's sanctified by God. And you can’t either.”

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