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'It's NOT softball': Megyn Kelly tells Whitlock what REALLY happened at the Trump debate

Fearless with Jason Whitlock

'Fox News wasn't supposed to be an organization, in the minds of many, that would go after Trump'

Former Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly's hardball questions to then-candidate Donald Trump at the first Republican presidential debate in 2015 angered many conservatives. Megyn joined Jason Whitlock on "Fearless" to reveal the truth about the famous feud.

"Some people that are more political than I am have a sort of problem about your career path and whether or not you sold out Donald Trump," Jason said to Megyn.

"I understand that," Megyn responded. "Trump was under such massive and non-stop assault, and I think some people saw my tough debate question to him as me sort of joining that team.

"When you've got to shore up your flank because the entire world is coming at you, you don't want to see people defect from what you think is your flank, right? And Fox News wasn't supposed to be an organization, in the minds of many, that would go after Trump in that way I did," she continued.

"I get that feeling. I just look at it in a very different way," Megyn added. "My own mind was in a very different place, which was it's a presidential debate. It's not softball. I've got to throw my hardball at each one of these guys. And I did. You know, I asked the toughest possible questions I could of each one of them. And they all handled it well, including Trump."

Watch the video clip below or enjoy the full episode of "Fearless With Jason Whitlock" here:

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