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Jason Whitlock EXPOSES Stephen A. Smith's hypocrisy in Willie D feud
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Jason Whitlock EXPOSES Stephen A. Smith's hypocrisy in Willie D feud

When the 2024 BET Awards featured an “In Memoriam” segment that included the late O.J. Simpson, Stephen A. Smith called it out — and rightfully so.

Simpson’s past accusations include murdering ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman in 1994 and committing other petty crimes after being acquitted by an all-black jury. He was later found liable for their deaths a few years later in a civil trial.

Smith took issue with the network paying tribute to a man accused of double murder while they were supposed to be showcasing “black excellence.”

While Jason Whitlock agrees with Smith’s take — he can’t help taking issue with Smith’s response to the criticism he faced from Geto Boys rapper Willie D, because it was loaded with hypocrisy.

“They have these stooges like half hat, Stephen from Django Smith, perched up to do their work. They put them on national TV; they put them on these big stages where they can have a big audience, where the words can have some influence, and they use these little monkeys like Stephen A. Smith to say the things that they can’t say publicly,” Wille D ranted on his YouTube channel after Smith denounced BET's Memoriam of O.J.

Smith did not take kindly to Willie D’s insult.

“Stephen A. is very sensitive to criticism from rappers. He’s trying to protect his black card in the culture, and he doesn’t know how to deal with these idiots that have been installed themselves in the rap world,” Whitlock explains.

In Smith’s response, he made this clear.

“What am I wrong about? And if I’m wrong, and you have the capability to articulate what I’m wrong about, why couldn’t you just say that? Why do I have to be called out of my name like that?” Smith said.

Whitlock, who’s had a long-standing feud with Smith himself, can’t help but laugh at the hypocrisy.

“The hypocrisy and the stupidity is just amazing. ‘If I’m wrong, why couldn’t you just argue that? How come you couldn’t articulate where I was wrong and make an argument? Why did you just resort to calling names?’” Whitlock mocks.

“Who else has that happened to? Wasn’t there somebody on a show called ‘Fearless’ that just pointed out all the lies and exaggerations in someone’s book, and instead of someone answering those criticisms instead of just arguing the other side, didn’t they just post a 45-minute video just calling that person ‘fat bastard’?” he continues.

“And now that same person is upset that Willie D called him a monkey. I find that very hypocritical,” he adds.

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