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'The black community is out of order': Shemeka Michelle drops a BOMB on Democrats trying to destroy the nuclear family

Fearless with Jason Whitlock
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Shemeka Michelle joined Jason Whitlock to break down her debate performance in the #WalkAway: Black American Culture War Showdown. The debate featured participants whose political views ranged from left to right and was founded by Brandon Straka.

In this clip, Shemeka explained why she believes the black community needs a strong nuclear family structure. Not because they are black, but because the nuclear family is the natural order.

"When God looked at man, he said it's not good for man to be alone, so he gave him a woman. He didn't give him a village; he didn't give him a community. He said be fruitful and multiply to this man and this woman," Shemeka said. "It's supposed to be God, husband, wife, and child, and that's the natural order. That's why we see some of the foolishness in the black community. We are out of order."

"We've had women for generations saying they don't need a man, and we have boys who don't want to be one," Shemeka said. The crowd went wild. Video below.

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