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Home Depot founder SLAMS Biden for 'BRINGING DOWN' America

Home Depot founder SLAMS Biden for 'BRINGING DOWN' America

Biden’s America is not the America that Bernie Marcus knows and loves. The co-founder of Home Depot spoke to Glenn Beck to lay out why.

Marcus is 93 years old, and he’s lived through it all. He grew up in a family who struggled to get food on the table, but never struggled to maintain a strong attitude centered around American values. He’s been through all the Republican and Democrat administrations and has never seen one like this.

He says, “I never thought that the world could change so quickly in two years. Biden got into office, and he is extreme in every way you could think of. And I’m a great believer in the capitalist system. I think capitalism built America, made us the strongest land in the world. That’s why people have come across the border … they want to have their own American dream.”

Glenn asks Marcus if he believes he could start Home Depot today.

He confidently says no, he doesn’t. The current administration seems to be conspiring to take down small businesses in every way, and they’ve made it nearly impossible to do what Marcus did so many years ago. This is why he started the Job Creators Network, to protect small businesses. They’re the backbone of America, and he won’t see them fail.

However, the Biden administration is doing a great job of making his goal of helping small businesses a hard one to reach. He says, “Democratic Congress, they want to pass laws that raise taxes. That’ll knock out half the Americans or half the small businesses in America. They’re not going to survive.”

He adds, “I mean, think about this, in America, you can’t find people who want to work.” Marcus laments that the American dream has started to fade, and it’s all on purpose.

Glenn agrees, saying, “So many people don’t understand. Don’t accept anything as a plan. They just think maybe this is incompetence. There’s too much that has happened for anybody’s batting average to be that bad unless it’s intentional and what they’re doing is resetting capitalism.”

He continues, “They’re directing us into this new system and destroying the value of our dollar to be able to reset into something that they’ll have more control over.”

Marcus agrees, saying this was done all on purpose. Inflation is through the roof and families can’t afford eggs. Cost of energy is rising. The administration won’t stop printing money that we don’t have. Banks are collapsing, and they now want to create a digital dollar.

It’s all been manufactured by the policies of Biden.

Marcus says ominously, “He wants to bring down this country … [and] he’s doing a hell of a good job of it.”

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