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Will Biden’s border crisis TRANSFORM America FOREVER?

Will Biden’s border crisis TRANSFORM America FOREVER?

With the end of the pandemic comes the end of pandemic policy.

Title 42, the policy which allowed border authorities to easily turn away migrants at the border expired at 11:59 p.m. EST on Thursday and has left Americans wondering how this will affect the humanitarian crisis at the southern U.S. border.

Its expiration has also left the public in fear of the anticipated migrant rush and its potential to change America forever.

Texas Rep. Chip Roy discussed what he believes should be done with Glenn Beck.

Beck says he’d “sure like Governor Abbott to start leading a little more than he is,” saying though “he’s shipping everybody out from Texas to other states,” it’s really just hurting other states.

“This is an invasion. You can’t have 400,000 people coming in every month and expect to keep your country,” Beck warns.

“This is why,” Roy says, “the Texas House should have passed HB20, which they crapped on this last week instead of giving more resources to the governor. And instead they’re passing freaking gambling bills. That’s your freaking Texas House Republicans in action.”

Glenn believes this is all a part of a larger strategy.

He says that sending an unprecedented number of migrants across the border can collapse a country. The enemy will “win without firing a bullet.”

“This is exactly that strategy, if you believe someone is trying to collapse the United States of America, and I happen to believe that,” Glenn continues.

Roy agrees.

“The problem is that what people haven’t firmly come to grips with is that we’ve got evil in our own White House and DHS who don’t give a rat’s rear end about our own sovereignty, security. And they want to undermine our country. They’re literally at war with the American people,” Roy says.

“You can only conclude that it’s purposeful,” he continues, “there is no other logical conclusion.”

However, Chip says that Republicans like himself are taking action.

“We’ve finally grown a spine. We’ve finally passed a strong border security bill and I’m proud of it.”

The bill “would make very clear that the secretary — a future secretary who’s not corrupt for a Republican — has straight up authority to turn away at the border for any reason he or she sees fit.”

The bill would also tighten asylum definitions and fix the separation problems between families at the border.

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