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'The Chosen' director Dallas Jenkins reveals the '10 seconds that BROKE the internet'
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'The Chosen' director Dallas Jenkins reveals the '10 seconds that BROKE the internet'

Director Dallas Jenkins is changing the world by telling the greatest story of all time in a completely new way. “The Chosen” is not just a rehashing of Bible stories. It's a biblically "plausible" look at life in first-century Judea — with all the social and political tension of Israel under Roman control — and it’s won over countless fans who never thought they’d be this excited to watch a “Jesus show.”

While the show's unconventional style is paying off, there were bound to be some controversial scenes — despite the multitude of historical and religious advisers on set. On the latest episode of "The Glenn Beck Podcast," Dallas gave an insider’s look at “The Chosen” as the third season begins, including the very controversial "10 seconds that broke the internet."

"Season two, episode five is probably the most controversial episode we've done," Dallas told Glenn. "It has a few moments that were controversial with people. One is Mary Magdalene relapses. She's someone who'd been redeemed by Jesus, walking the straight and narrow path, healed from her alcoholism and her demon possession. And she gets triggered by a few things and has a relapse. In that same episode, Jesus has a couple of conversations with John the Baptist, and they have some arguments. They're like two cousins and they are teasing each other and they have some arguments ... and some people were really upset with that," he explained.

"Then the big one — the 10 seconds that broke the internet when it happened — is Jesus preparing for a sermon, the big Sermon on the Mount, and he's by himself, and he's kind of working through the words that he's going to say," Dallas continued. "There were some people who lost their minds, just were like, 'He's God. He never struggled with anything.'"

Dallas also shared the story of how he cast the role of Jesus, the incredible experiences that he’s witnessed on-set, and the twists and turns he’s planning for future seasons as he explores the humanity of often one-dimensional characters like Mary Magdalene, Nicodemus, and Judas Iscariot.

Watch the full podcast below to hear Dallas break down some of the most heavily debated scenes from "The Chosen" and share what the show has taught him about his own relationship with Christ:

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