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Path to CONTROL: What Biden’s 'climate change emergency' is REALLY about

Glenn TV

So many scary options become available once a national emergency is declared

A national “climate emergency” seems inevitable.

On Wednesday night's "Glenn TV," Glenn Beck reveals how climate academics and activists have been gaming this out for years. They know exactly what they are going to do once Biden pulls the trigger. So many scary options become available once a national emergency is declared. Countries must feel the squeeze and in many cases … COLLAPSE. It’s happening all over the world. Industries like farming, ranching, and energy are imploding.

People are starting to rise up and push back on the Gr*** Re***, but in many places, it’s already too late. Glenn shows how the Gr*** Re*** has already caused nations to fall after just four years of policy implementation.

America is currently on year two of Biden’s "Build Back Better." Are the riots and collapse of Sri Lanka’s government in America’s future? Despite clear evidence that all of this is creating national suicide for other countries, Biden pushes ahead. What is this really all about? Hint: not saving the environment.

Watch the full episode below:

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