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Levin: They’re criminalizing prayer

Levin: They’re criminalizing prayer

If you were told you could be arrested for silently praying, would you believe it?

Well, apparently, you should believe it. Because it’s happening right now in Great Britain — and with the way things are going, it could come to America too.

So, Mark Levin of "LevinTV" is shedding light on it.

“Earlier this week,” he begins, “the most pathetic, political, ideologically driven attorney general in American History, Merrick Garland ... was questioned about the number of people they have prosecuted who have peacefully protested outside of abortion clinics versus the number of people they prosecuted for firebombing pregnancy centers.”

Apparently, Garland said they have a harder time prosecuting the fire-bombers because they occur at night when it’s harder to see them. Amazing.

Levin goes on to tell the story of Mark Houck, a preacher who was with his son in front of one of the abortion clinics. One of the people escorting a woman into the clinic had confronted his son and was getting aggressive with him.

So, Houck, like any good father would, pushed the man back from his son to protect him.

Houck was later sued, and the federal government got involved. He was charged with violating the FACE Act — which says that you’re not allowed to threaten people who are going into abortion clinics physically.

The case was thrown out, but good old Merrick Garland wouldn’t stand for it.

Levin says, “Mr. Garland still went after this gentleman, and they lost their case quickly in a jury trial in Philadelphia — where I don’t think the pro-life movement gets much colder there does it? So, this is a disgusting assault on free speech by the Biden administration.”

He then goes on to tell the story of a Catholic woman in Great Britain who was arrested for silently praying outside an abortion clinic — just weeks after being acquitted for the same offense.

“Britain’s gone over the edge,” he says.

The woman has been praying outside that same abortion clinic for 20 years, 19 of which were never a problem.

The problem began when the U.K. passed new amendments to the Public Order Bill last year.

Levin says this sounds all too familiar.

He says, “Biden’s DOJ has been prosecuting people for something called the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances act. It prosecuted Mark Houck.”

He continues, “If the leftists continue to control our government, you can bet the FACE Act will make it illegal to silently pray one day ... that’s what will happen.”

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