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WATCH: Why are you STILL wearing a mask?

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On May 13, 2021, Biden announced a COVID response update for mask guidelines, as per the CDC, that no longer required vaccinated individuals to wear masks. The CDC has since changed its recommendations for masking. Here are the most recent CDC guidelines.

In this video, Steven Crowder hit the streets of Dallas, Texas, to find out what Texans think and masks, mandates, and masked mandates. He conducted a formal survey, appealing directly to the American people to answer why a vaccinated person still chose to wear a mask.

After a short time, Crowder observed a few people wearing masks. He decided to modify his premise and asked how citizens felt about the vaccine mandate. Steven found that many Texans believe that the government should not force people to receive a vaccine.

Since Biden's May 13 mask update, the president announced that employers would be required to enforce a vaccine mandate for businesses with 100 or more employees. This was a source of concern for many of those surveyed.

In a clear pattern, Crowder noticed that black Americans expressed distrust of the government. He noted that "white men who work in the mainstream media" refer to this distrust — as it relates to the COVID vaccine — as "vaccine hesitancy." But Crowder found that this so-called "hesitancy," in truth, sounded a lot more like a healthy dose of weighing the risk vs. the reward.

One Fort Worth woman explained why she wears a mask instead of receiving the vaccine. Due to the relatively new coronavirus and the even newer vaccine, she will weigh her options and make decisions for her health as more information becomes available.

Watch the clip to see what Americans had to say about masks and vaccine mandates. Can't watch? Download the podcast here.

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