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These 6 videos are making the internet GREAT again

These 6 videos are making the internet GREAT again

'we were on hiatus and the liberals hate us.'

July was a long month, but "Louder with Crowder" is finally back from its annual hiatus, and the fans are ecstatic. Steven Crowder kicked things off by recapping news stories from Crowderless July.

Listen to the podcast here.

Crowder channeled his inner Billy Joel and with the help of comedian Dave Landau sang the news to the tune of Billy Joel's 1989 hit "We Didn't Start the Fire."

America on the edge
Anne frank had white1privilege
Gavin Newsom, Ron DeSantis
New York gun control.

Biden family dirty felons
Nancy has some big old melons
Saudi fist bump falling stocks
outbreak of monkeypox.

Hey they just found the cure for AIDS.

Shinzo Abe in Japan
touchy feely Vince McMahon
Fauci COVID times two
Trudeau penis hairdo.

Paulie Walnuts R.I.P.
there's no cuffs on AOC
oil to China price of gas
Affleck marries giant a**.

We're back now we're getting louder...
we were on hiatus and the liberals hate us.
We're back now and getting louder...
no we didn't start it, but the fight goes on and on.

Inflation, Arnold farts
very normal stopping hearts
J-6 hearing no one viewed
Netflix not renewed.

Bo-Joe big disgrace
James Webb pics from Outerspace
Dr. Jill calls people food
Lia Thomas still a dude.

Joseph Biden liver spots
got COVID after four shots
Al Gore go to hell
try to cancel Dave Chappelle.

You're a transphobe Bettie Midler
Pedo Peter kittie diddler
Now he catches BA-5
pizza guy got almost fried!

We're back now we're getting louder...
We were on hiatus, and the liberals hate us.
We're back now and getting louder...
no we didn't start it, but the fight goes on, and on, and on.

In this clip, Crowder addressed the state emergency declared for the monkeypox outbreak as well as the guidelines issued by the World Health Organization. Steven shared one trick men can use to avoid getting monkeypox.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi arrived in Taiwan during Tuesday's live show. Crowder paused to react.

Rather than learning economics, President Joe Biden and all the radical leftists appeared totally fine with changing the meaning of the term "recession" so they don't have to admit that we are in one.

Steven explained that the labor market sucks, but the whole story is more about the Biden administration gaslighting the American people. A recession occurs when there are two consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth. But the Biden administration insists that a recession is when there are three consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth.

Crowder concluded that Democrats appear to think Americans are the idiots.

Demi Lovato has been very open about her mental illness. She has been more open about her sexual preferences as well as her gender pronouns. Lovato made her way into the public eye as a child when she was thrust before the alter of Disney as a child actor who in the recent past changed her pronouns to they/them.

Here's the thing: When a public figure has an audience of 130-million impressionable children watching their every move, there is a sense of responsibility that comes along with it. Life is confusing as it is, why add your confusion to the pile of confusion that accompanies adolescence? Lovato now goes by they/them/she/her. Celebrities should stick to what the thing that made them famous.

Thursday, Crowder reacted in real time to Ron DeSantis' major announcement to suspend Florida's state attorney, Andrew Warren.

Here are some tweets from Mug Club members and fans who are happy Crowder is back to making News coverage great again:

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