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'Watch your mouth or face punishment': CCP threatens citizens as China remains locked down

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News reports or social media can convey a story, but firsthand accounts do an excellent job of explaining the problem. So, when the Chinese Communist Party does everything possible to stop the spread of both disease and information, it is time to pay attention.

Do not ignore the warning signs if your government takes drastic measures to keep the world in the dark about living conditions. Here are a few creepy warning signs/"guidelines" imposed on the Chinese people as they are forced into another COVID lockdown:

  • Do not post pandemic-related messages online.
  • Do not enter or leave Beijing without permission.
  • Spies are among us; leaks may happen in an instant. Watch your mouth or face punishment.

Louder with Crowder was fortunate to have a Mug Club audience member call in from Shanghai with a firsthand account of what is happening on the ground.

Comedian Dave Landau filled in for Steven Crowder and interviewed the caller, who must remain anonymous for obvious reasons, to give us a picture of what it's like in China right now.

CALLER: I'm fairly privileged; I'm in a neighborhood with many expats, so we're doing a lot better than a lot of the lower socioeconomic Chinese at the moment. We can get a little bit of food delivered every few days. We get a little bit of fruit and a few vegetables; we can hunt online to find out who has some food and find someone who has a "very special pass" and is allowed to be on the road. We actually pay them an exorbitant amount of money to get the food delivered. What is actually available is very, very sporadic.

DAVE: I guess if you're getting a little bit of food, you probably weren't that prepared. Was there any notice given to prepare?

CALLER: It was really quick. The total lockdown gave us a day, and it was supposed to be for four days. We got together enough for about six days, and now we're two and a half weeks in. The stores in China were reportedly closed before the lockdown, so even as some cities are beginning to reopen, grocery stores are not stocked because there have been no deliveries for more than two weeks.

CALLER: I've got two kids as well, and we have to do online school.

The caller provided shocking information about what happens in China when a child turns up with a positive COVID test. The kid is taken from the home and put into these quarantine camps without the parents or an advocate.

Watch the video to hear more from this heartbreaking account of what human beings in China are facing at the hands of their government.

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