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Wikipedia cofounder makes STARTLING admission about the worlds largest research portal

Wikipedia cofounder makes STARTLING admission about the worlds largest research portal

Steven Crowder investigates Wikipedia bias

Wikipedia is the number one research tool in the world, with over 18-billion views a month.

But what if everything thought you knew about Wikipedia was wrong? Is the platform made for the viewer? Wikipedia cofounder Larry Sanger believes that Wikipedia pushes an agenda with its articles rather than serving the truth to the masses.

"When we are getting the news, or when we are learning, or when we are trying to get some basic information, we being free individuals want to make up our own minds. If we don't, then there is something wrong with us. In fact, in situations where this happens, it is called propaganda when it is systematic," Larry said during an interview with LockdownTV from UnHerd.Larry continued, "And that is what we are dealing with on Wikipedia ... If only one version of the facts is allowed, then that gives a huge incentive to wealthy and powerful people to seize control of things like Wikipedia in order to sure up their power."

In this video, Steven Crowder and Dave Landau discussed the several week-long experiments that tested Wikipedia's bias. But first, some debunking is in order.

Crowder established that Wikipedia describes itself as a free online encyclopedia that anyone can edit. But to the contrary, Crowder noted that some pages required that editors meet specific criteria. Ironically, or not so ironically, Steven Crowder's Wikipedia page cannot be edited by just anyone. Crowder's Wikipedia page is classified to have semi-protected status.

Semi-protected status means that editor accounts must have at least 10-successful edits for them to make acceptable edits. The COVID-19 and Joe Biden Wikipedia pages have extended protection status to put this in context. This means that editor accounts must be 30-days old and have 500-successful edits. The COVID-19 pandemic in mainland China has a full-protection status, meaning that only accounts with administrator status can make edits. Crowder explained that only 1000 accounts have administrator status.

Wikipedia editors are supposed to be neutral. Crowder took the Wikipedia Neutrality Quiz to find out what it takes to be an editor. Right out of the gate, the quiz provided an example of an article on Mao Zedong — the Chinese communist leader infamous for policies that led to an estimated 40 million people dying of starvation. According to the quiz, to say that Mao had "cruel disregard for the lives of his citizens is an opinion and should not be stated as a fact."

"Didn't Mao have a torture chamber?" Crowder recalled. Watch the clip to see how deep this rabbit hole goes.

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